Stuffy Nose

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A stuffy nose can be triggered by all kinds of things: a sinus infection, allergies, the flu, or even just the common cold.

Treating a Stuffy Nose at Home

Most congested or stuffy noses will clear up within a week. You can help the process along by staying hydrated and taking an over-the-counter decongestant. If your stuffy nose is the result of allergies, your doctor may recommend an allergy panel or immunotherapy.

If you’re producing a lot of mucus, you may also benefit from a hot shower or bath. The steam from the water works to soothe irritated sinuses and open up air passages.

When to See a Doctor

A stuffy nose isn’t usually cause for alarm, but sometimes it can indicate an underlying illness. If you have a fever or nasal discharge that doesn’t improve within three days, please contact any of our locations to schedule an appointment. You may have a sinus infection that requires antibiotic treatment.


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