Dr. Rothholtz is absolutely amazing. I had a great deal of sand in my ear which I could not get out. She was so kind and was clear and prescise on what she was doing (suction of the sand out of the ear). She provided great care and detail to the situation and explained what she was doing and warned me that I’d feel dizziness beforehand. I’ve also had surgeries in the past with my ear so it was nice that she was able to see what was going on. She could tell what work was done in the past. She is absolutely fantastic.

Jennifer K


I had very unpleasant vertigo for about a year. I started seeing a different doctor who diagnosed me with BPPV. I researched this ailment extensively and agreed that I likely had BPPV. But the treatments were not helping at all and my quality of life was starting to deteriorate. I decided to see Dr. Rothholtz and she was amazing. She wen above and beyond to try to diagnose me by asking all the right questions, and made me feel like I was in very good hands. She hypothesized that I actually had a migraine type of ailment called MAV and instructed me to stop drinking coffee, alcohol, eating chocolate, hard cheeses, and a couple other things. I took on the challenge and sure enough all my symptoms stopped!! I am so thankful to have visited her, I know this may sound over-the-top, but she really affected my life so much. I can now enjoy my kids, my husband, my job, in a way that was lacking. I very much applaud her ability to sort through the information and go above and beyond to help her patients.

Maria R


I highly recommend Dr. Rothholtz and the Otosurgical Group Medical Clinic. I had been scuba diving on a cruise to Mexico and had experienced pain and diminished hearing in one ear due to an equalization problem. I saw the ship’s doctor, but thought it best to see a specialist as soon as possible. The receptionist booked me with a complete appt. the very next day. I met with Dr. Rothholtz both before and after my audiology exam. She was attentive, clear and unrushed. She asked repeatedly if I had questions or concerns. She explained the reasons for the course of action, and advised me not to fly home to Northern California. If I lived in the LA area, I’d very much want her to be my specialist. She exhibits the best of medicine. The audiologist, Ray, was also terrific.

John T


Dr. Rothholtz has offered me the best experience at the doctor’s office I have ever had. She maintains all the ideal qualities we all hope to find in a doctor, but rarely come to experience in the real world. Dr. Rothholtz is very welcoming, genuine, caring, intelligent and professional. I’m so lucky to have found a quality doctor.

Alex A


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