Cosmetic Surgery

Despite the connotation that cosmetic surgery is purely for vanity, this isn’t always the case. For example, while some people choose to have a rhinoplasty to change the shape and look of their nose to something more aesthetically pleasing, most choose to have this work performed to help with function or prevent deterioration of function. Most cosmetic surgeries offer the option of increased confidence through a restructured part of the head, face, or neck, but better health is usually the reason to have a surgery performed. Common cosmetic surgeries include:

  • Ear and nose reconstruction
  • Removal of face or neck tumors
  • Chin and cheek restructuring
  • Surgical procedures of the eye socket
  • Facelift and other injectable cosmetic treatments

If you or a loved one are wondering if a cosmetic surgery might be right for you, a thorough examination from one of our specialists will offer you the best recommendation for your condition from an expert source. Please contact us today for a wellness consultation.


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